Aids for Parkinson’s Patients that Lead a Comfortable Life

Parkinson's patient

Parkinson’s disease has been named among the top stubborn diseases. If you have lived with a patient of this disease, you’ll bear me witness that they have a very hard time moving about carrying out their daily chores.

It’s so serious that even eating using a normal spoon is a problem for them unless they use a special Parkinson’s spoon. This is because of the consistent and stubborn tremors of their limbs.

This disease affects the neuro system which controls the movement of body parts and thus the tremors. These patients find it difficult handling the normal objects that have been designed without them being considered.

However, we have quite a number of aids that have been specially crafted to assist these patients. Here are some of them.

1. Parkinson’s spoon

Parkinson's spoons

Parkinson’s patients find it very uncomfortable using the normal cutlery. Whether it’s at home or in some restaurant, the tremors are so much such that they shake leaving food spills all over the table. If you have such a patient, reviews of these spoons will be of great help in choosing.

This specially designed spoon is made in such a way that it cancels out the effects of tremors by reducing them by up to 80%. This may not be fully perfect, but I must mention it has turned out to be very impressive.

It’s important to note that the spoon does not stop the tremors on the patient. It works as a cushion, absorbing the tremors thus aiding in eating. The spoon will stabilize the scooped food or otherwise aid in moving the food towards the patient’s mouth. However, the necessity of a Parkinson’s spoon will heavily depend on how hard the tremors are.

2. Walkers

U-step 2 walker

These are mainly movement aids. The best ones the foldable walkers for much better convenience. To some patients, the feet might have so many tremors such that walking gets quite tough. The best walkers should be made in a geometric design with angled anterior legs to enhance stability and prevent fatalities. The tip of the four legs of the walker should have some rubber covering to help reduce the tremors as well as prevent sliding during walking.

3. Grab bars

Grab bars for Parkinson's patients

This is a hygiene or rather a bathroom aid. Parkinson’s disease victims will have strength and balance issues and it’s therefore very important to make sure they are protected when they take a shower. They are mainly installed in the bathrooms. However, these can be installed anywhere in the house as long as they shall be of help to the patient.

4. Lift chairs

best chair for Parkinson's

These are excellent seats that help the victims with their standing or sitting. In most cases, the tremors are so fatal such that sitting or standing becomes a tedious task. This chair will raise the patient from or to a lower posture. If the patient is standing, the chair will easily lower the patient into a comfortable sitting or reclining position. Standing is easy as the chair lifts safely and comfortably to help them stand.

There are thousands of items out there to help these patients. Whether it’s with speech, bathroom safety, walking around or even hygiene, there is always a product. Parkinson’s disease patients can live a normal, comfortable life!

Pro tip! Always have a Parkinson’s spoon In your essentials bag.

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  1. How can we transfer a Parkinson’s patient from the bed to a nearby sofa if he is hardly able to put his weight on his legs to stand? Please advise .


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