7 Best Chairs For Parkinson’s Patients

Updated on 13 November, 2023

chairs for Parkinson's patients

Individuals with Parkinson’s disease often experience difficulty standing upright and walking. These problems can increase the risk of falls and injuries, especially in the later stages of the disease. To prevent potential harm, patients are advised to use a specialized moving chair. Choosing the right chair is important as it allows them to stay active and enjoy quality time with friends and family.

Given the many new chairs available in the market, selecting the right one can be a challenging decision. To help in this decision-making process, here is a list of the top 7 moving chairs. This compilation aims to assist in choosing the chair that best suits the needs of your loved ones dealing with Parkinson’s disease.

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1. FLUX 360 Slim Daily Living Wheelchair

chair for Parkinson's patients

This high-quality, narrow-width ergonomic daily living chair can also serve as a wheelchair for your loved one. It excels in navigating through limited spaces and tight corners, even fitting seamlessly through bathroom doors.

The chair boasts a slim profile, measuring just 21.5 inches in width, making it perfectly suited for easy mobility in confined home spaces. It comes equipped with a generously padded 3-inch high seat cushion featuring a front edge with a waterfall design, designed to alleviate knee stress and enhance leg circulation.

With its extra-large 20-inch rear wheels, this chair handles both indoor and outdoor terrains with ease. The sturdy steel base and medical-grade 5-inch diameter front casters ensure smooth movement across any surface.

Key benefits:

  • Versatile 2-in-1 function: transport chair and wheelchair.
  • Effortlessly glides through narrow, restricted spaces.
  • Plush 3-inch high seat cushion for enhanced comfort.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Robust steel base frame design.
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2. Drive Medical D574-R 3-Position Geri Chair

chair for Parkinson's patients

While originally designed for hospital facilities to accommodate individuals with reduced mobility, this recliner also serves as the ideal in-home care chair, offering lasting comfort.

The chair is equipped with 5-inch casters, ensuring smooth and secure movement, making it a safe option for both the seated person and reducing the risk of injuries to caregivers. Additionally, it prevents any damage to floors or furniture.

What sets it apart from other mobility chairs is its ability to adjust to three comfortable positions. It can be positioned upright, in a deep recline, or with elevated leg support, and a retractable lock bar allows you to secure the chair in your preferred position.

The chair also comes with a spacious blow-molded tray that can be locked in five different positions and conveniently stowed when not in use. The built-in headrest and padded armrest are designed to provide maximum support and comfort.

Thanks to its robust steel frame, it can support individuals weighing up to 400 pounds.

Key benefits:

  • Three comfortable positions: upright, deep recline, and desired position
  • Possibility of a large blow molding tray
  • Soft built-in headrest and padded armrest 
  • Drive smoothly and securely
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3. MAIDeSITe Electric Chair Lift

chair for Parkinson's patients

This chair is designed for simplicity, weighing only 29 pounds. Despite its lightweight design, it boasts a robust steel frame capable of supporting up to 300 pounds. Furthermore, a return service is available, ensuring you can try it out risk-free. In the event of any shipping damage, you can easily reach out for assistance.

The chair is built for strength and practicality. The support frame is crafted from high-strength steel rods, ensuring stability and reliability. The seat cushions are easy to clean, promoting hygiene, as well as your comfort and safety.

The chair is foldable side wings have been integrated for effortless transitions from the ground to the lift chair, enhancing overall convenience. In terms of operation, the chair offers electric lifting without reliance on an external power source. It is equipped with rechargeable batteries, which adapt seamlessly to various environments.

The chair is fully waterproof, complying with the IPX8 waterproof standard. This means you can use it in a bathtub without concerns. For enhanced stability, six suction cups have been added to the chair, making it a dependable choice for different settings.

Key benefits:

  1. Lightweight, strong, supports up to 300 pounds.
  2. High-strength steel frame and easy-to-clean cushions ensure durability and comfort.
  3. Foldable side wings for easy transitions.
  4. Operates on rechargeable batteries and is adaptable to different environments.
  5. Fully waterproof, meets IPX8 standard, with six suction cups for added stability.
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4. Titan Royal EZ Assistive Moving Swivel Chai

chair for Parkinson's patients

This mobility aid chair is designed for individuals with reduced mobility and may be suitable for your loved one in the late stages of Parkinson’s disease. The chair moves and locks easily, providing a high level of safety in every aspect. Equipped with 4-locking casters that can be easily activated with a foot, it enhances stability and control.

Once activated, the casters prevent the chair from moving forward or turning, instilling confidence in the seated person. This feature significantly reduces the risk of injury to the caregiver or person pushing the chair. Additionally, its swivel feature allows the person to be seated at the table and rotated towards it.

In terms of overall construction, the chair appears stable, secure, comfortable, and easy to clean. It is designed to support a weight of up to 600lb, making it suitable for larger individuals.The high-quality wheels enable the chair to roll smoothly on any standard floor, including wooden and carpeted surfaces, without causing damage.

Key benefits:

  • Perfect swivel feature
  • Wide comfortable padded seat
  • Easy locking system
  • Stable, sturdy, and easily cleanable
  • Weight capacity of up to 600 Ibs
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5. Polar Auroa Power Lifr Maasag Recliner Chair

chair for Parkinson's patients

This recliner chair offers a perfect blend of relaxation and assistance. With 8 vibrating points, 4 massage areas, 5 modes, and 2 intensity levels, it provides a tailored massage experience. Moreover, it reclines up to 150°, making it the ultimate choice for relaxation. What sets it apart is the quiet yet powerful lift motor, helping Parkinson’s patients in standing up with ease and care for their back and knees.

Crafted with a strong steel frame and ample foam padding, the recliner chair guarantees both comfort and durability. Its ergonomic design ensures easy assembly, making it a long-lasting addition to your space, enjoyed by your loved one for years to come.

The chair is constructed from high-quality, skin-friendly fabric that’s easy to clean. Measuring 18.8″ (L) X 21.6″ (D) with a 300 LBS maximum capacity, it can accommodates a wide range of users.

Key benefits:

  1. Enhance relaxation with the lumbar heating feature.
  2. Aid in standing up effortlessly through the lift mechanism.
  3. Extra comfort with its overstuffed backrest and seat.
  4. Sturdy structure, supporting up to 300 lbs.
  5. Added convenience with 2 side pockets and 2 cup holders.
  6. Massage feature with 8 vibrating points, 5 massage modes, and 2 intensity levels.
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6. NOVA Medical Transport Chair

chair for Parkinson's patients

This versatile wheelchair is an excellent option for individuals in the late stages of Parkinson’s disease. The chair includes a comfortable, removable pad that effortlessly fits the commode seat, allowing for easy conversion into a transport chair. Facilitating safe and simple transfers, it features a quick-release drop arm and removable swing-away footrests.

The chair is equipped with high-performance wheels that are not only durable but also easy to roll and rust-resistant. Engaging or releasing the wheels is convenient with the foot pedal, eliminating the need to bend for locking and unlocking.

For added convenience, the chair comes with a bucket and lid that can be easily slid in and out from the rear of the seat. However, it is important to note that the chair is not suitable for use in the shower or over the toilet. Constructed with a plastic frame, the chair is capable of supporting a weight of up to 250 lbs.

Key benefits:

  • Comes with a bucket and lid for commode use
  • Removable padded seat
  • Removable swing-away footrests
  • Quick-release drop arm feature
  • Foot pedal engages and releases system
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7. Seca Electronic Wireless Chair Scale

chair for Parkinson's patients

This newly designed daily living mobility chair has some advanced technological features that you wouldn’t find in other chairs. Ergonomically designed, lightweight, this electric wireless chair offers excellent travel for your loved one who is at the late stage of Parkinson’s disease or suffering from a severe motor disability.

It features a comfortable seat that provides a safe position, swiveling armrests make it easy to move the patient from the bed onto the chair scale and the adjustable footrests increase ease of operation. It comes with 4 smooth running pivoting wheels making use possible even in the narrowest of spaces.

The chair is equipped with a large LCD display unit behind the chair that makes it easy to read and the many functions (including BMI) and leaves nothing to be desired. Its ergonomically shaped handles let you push or pull the chair scale in any direction, while its 360‚° wireless technology transmits measurements to a seca wireless printer or a PC.

The overall frame of the chair is very strong, gives maximum stability, and can support the weight capacity of 660 Ib.

Key benefits:

  • The most advanced chair
  • Push or pull the chair scale in any direction
  • Equipped with a large LCD display
  • Comfortable seat, swiveling armrests and footrests
  • Fits all types of individuals
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