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We aim to help through education and

About Parkinson’s Viewpoint

Whether you or your closed one is suffering from Parkinson’s disease and want to educate yourself about the different aspects of the disease, you’re in the right place. Parkinson’s Viewpoint main aim is to share the latest research happening in the field of Parkinson’s disease.  

Meet the Team

Dr. Akbar Zaib has over 10 years of experience in producing and managing research data in life sciences, especially in the field of Parkinson’s disease. He received his Ph.D in Neurosciences from the University of Tartu. Within his research, he focused on developing novel mechanisms inside the brain cells that have important medical implications in neurodegenerative diseases. Throughout his Ph.D research, he was extensively involved in laboratory work to unravel the mechanisms of action of different genes and proteins linked to Parkinson’s disease. Prior to this, he studied his M.Sc in Biotechnology at Tampere University of Technology. There he completed his thesis in proteins linked to Parkinson’s disease. He has published multiple research papers in highly renowned Journals. Currently, Akbar is working as a researcher at the University of Tartu, where he is keenly involved in conducting experiments in the field of neurodegeneration. He trains new graduates and help them to get start with their projects. He also participates and presents his data at international conferences. Akbar is passionate about latest research on Parkinson’s disease and spread it to public. He is willing to help people suffering from Parkinson’s disease through education and self-empowerment.