Weighted Gloves For Tremor

Weighted Gloves For Tremor

Tremor is the most disturbing symptom that appear in Parkinson’s disease or essential tremor. It interferes with hand functions and makes it very difficult for a patient to perform self-care tasks.

There have been developed many types of weighted gloves that are available on the market. While most of them are best for fitness, there are some that could also help people with tremor.

Here is a list of four weighted gloves that you should consider for your loved ones suffering from tremor.

1. HandiThings Hand Weight Gloves

gloves for tremor

These uniquely designed gloves are great help for people who have difficulty in writing due to tremor. These may also help to stabilize tremor while doing other self-care tasks.

Each glove features an adopted weight that fits comfortably on the back of the hand. Its open fingers design allows your fingers and wrist to move freely.

The gloves come in 5 sizes with 3 different weights: extra small has 1/4 lb. of weight, small has 3/8 lb. of weight; medium and large have 1/2 lb. of weight.

These gloves are pleasant to look, and easy to use. It is easier to put on and take off.

2. CanDo Pediatric Hand Writing Glovesgloves for tremors

These adaptive weighted gloves seem to be a good investment for people having difficulty in writing or other motor activities due to hand tremor.

These gloves come with an added weight that is very helpful increasing hand and wrist stability. These weights are available in 0.25 and 0.5 pounds for the left and right hands.

The gloves are designed in a way to allow the weight to rest on top of the hand while allowing the use of all fingers when worn. Each glove features an adjustable strap for secure fit.

It is recommended to wash the gloves with hands and air-dry.

3. Gymenist Weighted Glovesweighted gloves

These weighted gloves are usually used for training exercises, but could also be good for people with tremor. These adaptive gloves can make it easier for them to write.

Each glove has an adjustable strap to make it soft or tighten when you do any hand activities. It has thumb holes and wrap and can be put on like gloves, with the 2 middle fingers and thumb.

Each glove is available in 1lb or 2 lb, with one size fits all.

Although wearing these gloves may cover some surface of palm, it wouldn’t restrict the movement of the hand or wrist.

4. W8FIT Wrist Weights Slim Adjustable Strap and Weightsweighted gloves tremor

These premium wrist weights are the thinnest and most durable that are available on the market. Although best for fitness, these could also be a good tool for people with hand tremors.

Each wrist weight comes with a smart design for lasting comfort, extra quality velcro straps and superb material.

The strap has 360 weight distribution, adjustable in 1/4-pound increments. It is available in 3 sizes with different weights: Small 4″-5.5″ (6 pockets) Medium 5.5″ – 7″(7 pockets) Large 6.5″-8.5″(8 pockets).

These wrist weights are made up of water resistance and high quality super soft fabric material. These are machine washable and easy wearable.

Disclaimer: The information shared here should not be taken as medical advice. The opinions presented here are not intended to treat any health conditions. For your specific medical problem, consult with your health care provider.

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