Footwear for Parkinson’s Patients

footwear for Parkinson's

Like other assistive devices, proper footwear can also have a good impact on Parkinson’s patient daily life. Wearing the right footwear help to reduce pain and increase the patient ability to get out and walk independently.

There are plenty of footwear choices available on the market, but most often it is difficult to choose the right one.

So we did some search and compiled a list of best walking shoes, slippers and sandels. Using these footwear items will help patients to promote their foot health and allow them to walk with more confidence.

Casual Walking Shoes

So here, we have a list of 5 walking shoes from Amazon that are very comfortable, flexible and can easily fit to your feet. These shoes come with anti-slip sole that prevent falls and help you walking with more confident. The shoes are light and easy to put on and are perfect for both outdoor use; long time standing, walking, driving and suitable for any daily occasion.

shoes for parkinson's patientWalking Shoes Sock SneakersCLICK HERE
shoes for Parkinson's Orthoshoes Mens Diabetic Edema ShoesCLICK HERE
shoes for Parkinson'sAvia Avi-Union Ii Strap Food Service ShoesCLICK HERE
shoes for parkinson's Youyun Wide Non-Slip Walking ShoesCLICK HERE
shoes for parkinson's Dr. Comfort Carter Casual Walking ShoesCLICK HERE

Light Breathable House Slippers

Here is a list of house slippers that are super soft, lightweight, easy to care, and breathable.  They are made from high-quality foam and most of these slippers are spongy and not easily deformed. They feature easy touch closures and easy to put on. They come with slip-resistant soles, sturdy and waterproof rubber sole. They are best for home use and are available in multiple sizes and colors.

slippers for parkinson's Acorn Spa Wrap Wide Slippers CLICK HERE
slippers for parkinson's LongBay Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers CLICK HERE
slippers for parkinson's Comfortable Memory Foam SlippersCLICK HERE
slippers for parkinson's ULTRAIDEAS Cozy Memory Foam SlippersCLICK HERE

Shock-Absorbing Adjustable Sandals

Here are 3 best sandals from Amazon. They are designed with the highest quality material and provide maximum comfort. Using these sandals will help to give some relief from joint pain or muscle pain. The sandals are lightweight, durable, and washable. They are best for indoor and can also be used for an outdoor short walk.

sandals for Parkinson's Propét Travel Active Ss SandalsCLICK HERE
sandals for Parkinson's Extra Wide Width Open Toe SandalsCLICK HERE
sandals for Parkinson's Goodant Comfortable Mesh Elderly SandalsCLICK HERE

Stretchy Comfortable High-Quality Socks

Here is a list of 5 ultra-soft fabric socks that provide maximum comfort to your loved one suffering from Parkinson’s. These socks feature stretchy fabric that enhances comfort and accommodates various foot sizes. They come with smooth toe and help you avoid injury and prevent skin irritation. These high-quality socks are machine washable.

socks for Parkinson's RATIVE Anti Slip Non-Skid SocksCLICK HERE
socks for Parkinson's Daventry Ultra Thick Fluffy Grip SocksCLICK HERE
best socks for elderly Doctor’s Choice Neuropathy SocksCLICK HERE
socks for elderly Gripjoy Grip Socks Non Slip SocksCLICK HERE
socks for elderlyYomandamor Bamboo Crew Dress SocksCLICK HERE

If you’re looking for walking aids for your loved ones suffering from Parkinson’s, please visit our new review post ” The 3 best walking aids for Parkinson’s patients.”

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9 thoughts on “Footwear for Parkinson’s Patients”

  1. This is not helpful for a young female with young onset….not even 40!!!! I can’t keep flip flops on my feet anymore, there’s no arch support, and none of the shoes accommodate women with PD and what about Dystonia in the foot and ankle….I’d love to know a solution for that.

    • I’m sorry to hear that it did’t help you. I’m planning to write a post on dystonia and how to heal with it. I hope you will benefit from that. If you wish you can also have a look at this product: I’ll do some research and try to find some other solutions.

  2. I have parkinsons and get regular dystonia when the dopamine levels are low, the quickest way to to overcome the spasticity is crawl on all fours and it goes away within seconds!

  3. My husband has what I call a shuffle gate. He has a hard time starting, then he often can’t stop, sometimes running into walls or other objects. He seems better when he has socks on. I’m looking for sock-like footwear. Thoughts?


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