6 Best House Slippers For Elderly Women in 2020

6 Best House Slippers For Elderly Women in 2020

house slippers for elderly women

Elderly women are often suffering from health conditions like swollen feet, swollen ankles, edema, and diabetes. Therefore, they need adaptive house slippers that can support their foot health and give them relief from these conditions while walking around the house.

We asked Silverts, a well-reputed brand for adaptive footwear, to provide a list of best house slippers for elderly women. They come up with the following 6 slippers that are designed to promote feet health and allow elderly women to walk with more confidence.

house slippers for elderly women

So what makes these slippers special. It’s their 2 in 1 quality. It means you can use them both as slippers and sandals. On the above, they look like sandals but inside of them will give you the feeling of slippers.

These slippers feature memory foam for added luxury and heel comfort. They come with open toe, and adjustable hook and look fastener which allows these slippers to be completely opened up for easy access. They are extra-wide, lightweight, and especially favorable for diabetic patients.

house slippers for elderly women

If you are looking for soft and warm cozy slippers with low price, these slippers could the best choice for you. These soft, warm cozy slippers are best for your bedroom. They are very lightweight and got a cool look.

These come with cushy foam sole insoles that can fit regular to narrow feet. The soles are strong, sturdy, durable, and slip-resistant.

These slippers offer the added convenience of being able to slip them off and on without any closures like mule slippers.

house slippers for elderly women

These extra-wide slippers are perfect for comfortable casual use in the home and for home care settings. These slippers are specially designed for those who have bunions, corns, hammertoes, foot edema, diabetes, and podiatry foot problems.

They come with skid-resistant non-slip slipper soles and memory foam insoles for the ultimate in comfort. They feature an anti-bacterial to control odor and stains. They are very easy to get on and off and adjustable fit and so can be used as a bedroom or house slippers.

house slippers for elderly women

These super soft and extra fit warm bootie slippers are best for elderly women and for those suffering from swollen feet, swollen ankles, or those who are diabetic and have feet with edema.

They feature easy touch closures that make them footwear adjustable and easy to put on and off. Plus, they are lightweight and very comfortable.

The slip-resistant soles and the polar fleece with warm pile lining are wonderful for fragile skin and delicate skin. They are washable and you can use them as a bedroom or house slippers.

house slippers for elderly women

These affordable easy touch slippers are perfect for elderly women and especially for those with limited hand dexterity or arthritis. They are crafted with soft velour and have cushioned inner soles.

These slippers feature kid slip-resistant soles that can help prevent the elderly women from potential slips and falls.

They are comfortable, lightweight, and easily washable. You can use them as a bedroom or house slippers.

house slippers for elderly women

If you are looking for slippers that come with some extra features and offer you more than casual slippers, consider these slippers.

These slippers are the perfect choice for those elderly women who want to have super comfortable slippers with a great look. They are designed for general comfort, swollen feet, edema, Lymphedema, post-surgery, bulky dressings, and provides protection for feet while in a wheelchair.

These slippers can be completely opened up in the back, on the sides and in the front for easy fitting. These are secure, comfortable, lightweight. They come with an anti-slip sole that prevents the elderly from falls. The insoles are removable, antibacterial, anti-static, comfortable that can be replaced by an orthotic if necessary. They are machine-washable.

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