Cala Trio – A Non-invasive Based Therapy for Tremor

Cala Trio

Cala Trio is a wrist-worn therapy for treating essential tremor. It requires no surgery or invasive procedures. The device is introduced by Cala Health, which is a bioelectronic medicine company transforming the standard of care for chronic disease. 

The device includes three parts:

  • Stimulator: It detects each patient unique tremor pattern
  • Band: It contains the electrodes and can be used for 90 days.  
  • Base station: It is used for convenient charging

In addition, the package comes with a user manual, including a patient guide, two quick start guides, and prescription information.

Who can use it?

Cala Trio is primarily designed for people with essential tremor. Using the device can help the patients to perform daily tasks like handwriting, drinking from a glass, and eating with a spoon. 

It’s uncertain whether it could also help those with Parkinson’s tremor or other tremor related conditions. It’s not recommended for those with implanted electrical medical device, such as pacemaker, defibrillator, or deep brain stimulator. Also, it should not be used by those tremor patients who are pregnant.

How does it work?

Cala Trio works as a personalized therapy; meaning that it calibrates according to the patient’s unique tremor pattern. The therapy is designed to target the tremor network with electrical stimulation through the wrist. 

Once activated, the device releases electrical stimulation to the nerves located in the wrist. These nerves, known as the radial and medial nerves, project from the wrist to the brain network linked to tremor. Inside the brain, stimulation released by the device disrupts the brain network that caused the tremor and results in the temporary but meaningful relief of tremor in the treated hand. The device can provide tremor relief after a 40 minutes stimulation session.

 How to use it?

Before starting using the device, it’s recommended to apply water to the wrist area. This makes it easy for the device to make a connection with the skin. Next, apply the device to the wrist like a bracelet. The device must be positioned in a way that allows the main button on the stimulator towards the elbow. 

Once properly fasten to the wrist, it’s time to calibrate the device. The device is calibrated according to the patient’s specific tremor motion, which is usually monitored in performing a tremor task for 20 seconds. See the video presentation for correctly calibrating the device.

What does the research say?

Cala Trio has been shown to be as effective as medication in many clinical studies. A recently published prospective study, which is one of the largest clinical trials in essential tremor to date, has evaluated its efficacy in essential tremor patients. The results have shown that using this therapy for 3 months can effectively reduce the tremor and improve the quality of life for patients.  

Similarly, another study involving 77 essential tremor patients has concluded that a single 40-minute Cala Trio therapy session may provide a safe, well-tolerated, and effective treatment for transient relief of hand tremor symptoms. 

It is worth mentioning that the Cala Trio therapy is approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) for treating the essential tremor. However, it still requires the doctor’s prescription, which is available on the Cala Trio website.

How about its side effects?

Results from clinical trials have shown that this therapy is safe and not linked to any severe side effects. It may cause mild irritation, redness, or burning of the skin. 

The Takeaway

This groundbreaking wearable therapy is a great help for people with essential tremor. The best thing about it is that it’s a drug-free therapy with no systemic side effects. If you are suffering from essential tremor and would like to try Cala Trio, talk to your doctor and get a prescription for ordering Cala Trio device. 

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